Course Tour – Front 9

Southview Country Club

1st Hole – Par 4 – 353 Yards
A nice starting hole. A drive favoring the left side of the fairway will put you in good position. The second shot is played uphill to a green that is severely sloped from back to front. Keeping your ball below the hole is a must here.

2nd Hole – Par 3 – 166 Yards
A gentle downhill par 3 that has one of the biggest greens on the course. It plays shorter than its yardage indicates due to the elevation change.

3rd Hole – Par 4 – 374 Yards
A beautiful and challenging par 4. All tee shots will move considerably to the player”s right. A tee shot that is driven up the left side will end in the middle of the fairway, a drive down the center will end in the right rough. There is a 30-yard flat area prior to the green, but regardless of what you see from the fairway, remember to add one club to offset the elevated green and false front.

4th Hole – Par 5 – 470 Yards
A very reachable par 5. Players who can drive the ball 270 or longer can capitalize on the gently downward slope of the fairway leaving themselves no more than 175 yards in for their second shot. Those who drive it 240 yards will be looking at 225 yards in for their second shot. A bunker lines the left side of the fairway at 250 and the fairway slopes to the right. If you choose not to go for it, the flat lay up areas are at 105 yards and 65 yards. In between these areas lie some difficult side hill lies. The green is very subtle with a small amount of break.

5th Hole – Par 3 – 211 Yards
This hole is one of the toughest on the golf course. A long par 3 that plays to every yard. Short and left of the green is a lateral water hazard, right of the green is a huge, mature tree. Par here is a good score.

6th Hole – Par 5 – 476 Yards
The fairway bunker off the tee is approximately 230 yards. The second shot is played to a blind green that is protected by three bunkers.

7th Hole – Par 4 – 371 Yards
During tournament play, this hole proves to be the most difficult on the golf course. The lower tee box causes many to put their drives down the right side leaving them with an obstructed approach shot to the green. The green is one of the most undulating on the course. Keeping your ball below the hole here is a good idea.

8th Hole – Par 4 – 363 Yards
A gentle dogleg to the right off the tee. The second shot is played to blind green that slopes from left to right and is a very difficult green to putt.

9th Hole – Par 4 – 331 Yards
A beautiful hole that plays severely downhill from the tee. A 220 yard tee shot will leave you a short iron or wedge to the green. The green is sloped from back to front and protected by two bunkers.

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