Arc Twin Cities

“It’s good to know The Arc is there for us…”

In 34 years, Tapemark Charity Pro-Am has given $4,378,505 to Arc Twin Cities

Peter and George Krozser have made some big changes in their lives in the past year. It all began with the decision to move from Florida to Minnesota so that Peter could have a more secure future. 

“I’m getting older, and I had to consider how much longer I could be Peter’s caregiver,” George said.  “One of my daughters lives in Minnesota, and there were more opportunities here for Peter. So we decided to move.”

“It’s a lonely feeling when you don’t know people or services or how to get started. That’s where The Arc came in,” George said.  The Krozsers had been connected with The Arc in New Jersey, where Peter grew up.  So when they arrived in Minnesota, they contacted  The Arc Greater Twin Cities. 

A vocational program was their first priority.  With The Arc’s help, Peter found a place at Opportunity Partners. He’s there five days a week taking classes, learning about self-advocacy and doing work projects. “I like putting things together,” Peter said. “It’s fun.”

The Arc also connected the Krozsers with county services and with an attorney to arrange guardianship for Peter. George said “The Arc knows the resources in this area, and they were quick to get answers for us. Things are falling into line.”

The family is now looking at other housing options for Peter. “It will give me peace of mind to find a home where Peter can be happy and fit in with other people,” said George.  “As life goes on, we have to make choices. It’s good to know that The Arc is there for us.”