The 2014 Tapemark Charity Pro-Am, Presented by Anderson Agency

Sunday Tee Times (PDF)

2014 Cuts:
team = -26
pros = +4
ams = +11

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2014 Women's Flyer

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2014 Recap

Congrats to all of the 2014 Tapemark Champions!

Women's Event Winners:
Professional - Lisa Grimes, Alexandria GC, 70-67-137 (-4)
Amateur - Taylor Drenttel, Southview CC, 77-77-154 (+12)
Team - Janine Moffa, Ede Rice, Carlotta Gruebele, Sharon Doyle, -43

Men's Event Winners:
Professional - Don Berry, Edinburgh USA, 67-66-64-197 (-16)
Amateur - Scott Fenwick, Southview CC, 72-74-74-220 (+7)
Team - Craig Brischke, Carl Horsch, Johnathan Dolphin, Jim Montalbano, -56


  • 1: Bingo Hall Pass - Bill Sullivan #619
  • 2: $1000 Cash - Tim Madden #371
  • 3: 40" TV - Mark Kersey #157
  • 4: Joe's $500 GC - Steve Ching #944
  • 5: Apple iPad - Tim Madden #317
  • 6: MN Wild package - M. Layman #730
  • 7: 43 bottles of wine - AJ #637
  • 8: Year of Entertainment - Tom Zupancich #263
  • 9: Gold necklace - Martha Nause #175
  • 10: $200 Target gift card - Tom Jacobson #699

After the Pro-Am Week
Amateur prize certificates will not be mailed. All amateur players will be emailed a list of winners, and you can stop by the Pro Shop at Southview Country Club to redeem your winnings.

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Steve had never been on a journey quite like the one he was ready to encounter behind 12 sled dogs pulling an adapted sled through the frozen Boundary Waters. Molly, Steve’s Advocate and a Living Well Disability Services employee, saw the sparkle in his eyes when the idea to create a wilderness experience with Steve was first imagined. Years later, Steve and Molly (pictured) continue their annual wilderness trek and …

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Employment is the major focus of ProAct, helping prepare people with disabilities to become active participants in the world of work. Positions in the community, whether with larger companies or smaller firms, are a high priority, but employment at ProAct is also available, together with training and placement services.

Kyle Johnson, shown above, has a strong work ethic and is succeeding in his job at Walmart in Hudson, Wis. Johnson, …

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Watch little Allison Witzell Cuevas dancing ad playing and you would never guess that she once had a problem with mobility. Allison has significant needs, but she also has possibilities she is just beginning to discover. Her future is bright.

Learning to walk was just one of Allison’s challenges. She speaks very little and has difficulty eating. Her parents, Armando Cuevas and Edith Calderon Cuevas, had applied for Supplemental Security …

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Nathan Bauer is one of The Arc Minnesota’s many success stories.

Born with Down syndrome, Nathan received services early in life that helped him develop and thrive, then education services throughout his school years. When he reached adulthood, he had opportunities to pursue his interests in dance, performing, and public speaking. He became more independent and realized he was ready to move from the group home where he lived into …

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